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Hear ye, hear ye!

Hold onto your hat, or eat it if your hungry. The new incarnation of Broad Tide has begun. Our intention here is to write about the things we care about, spend time doing and things we come across that seem interesting. What does this cover? Family, the beach, getting by in the world, work, biology, babies, travel, the east coast, history, bugs, curtains………you name it. The bottom line is this blog will cover whatever we are moved to write about. It will be a little of this and a little of that. At some point it may develop some themes. We will just have to see how it works out.

We are based out of the Boston area so some of what shows up here is very likely to have a bias to this area. If you are coming along for the ride, just joining us along the way, or just stopping by for your one and only visit – Hello! If you leaving, best of luck in all and have fun out there. Come back again sometime if you like. We will be here if and when you do want to stop back. A proverbial pot of coffee is always on.

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