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Fall Fairs

I do so enjoy the end of the growing season activities that get going around this time of the year. The harvest has finished and it is time to celebrate, stock up and prepare for the winter. Just today I was going through town and there was a small craft fair going on. Not to big but enough to draw a nice crowd. It was nice too that the sun was shining brightly, despite the bit of coolness in the air.

The fair was mainly artisan stuff and, oddly, only seemed to cover a few trades. For every booth I saw there must have been at least three or more of that type. Jewelry, oil painting, photography of animals and hand made children’s clothing. There were a few odd things too, but not many.

Last fall I was able to go apple picking with some of my friends. That was fun and I would not mind going again. I am also in the mood, it seems, to get somewhere by the water. The ocean, a lake, or a place like that.

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